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B2C ONTSI eCommerce study 2017

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B2C ONTSI eCommerce study 2017

The National Observatory of Telecommunications and the Information Society ( ONTSI ) has presented the Study on eCommerce B2C 2017 with data referring to 2016. These are the main conclusions Greece Mobile Database  of the study:
Ecommerce study Spain 2017

B2C e-commerce reached 25,354 million euros in 2016 , 22.2% more than in 2015
The average expense per buyer stands at € 1,198 , 18% more than the expense in 2015.
The average spending of new buyers (those who made their first purchase in 2016) reached € 958 (55.8% increase) and the spending of old buyers (those who made their first purchase before 2016) € 1,234 (a 15.1% increase).Greece Mobile Database
Websites that sell mainly over the Internet continue to be the main purchasing channel (69.2%) .
It is followed by the websites of stores with a physical establishment (43%) and manufacturers or products (42.5%).
Other channels, however, reduced their presence, such as the bond or coupon sites, which went from 26.2% to 23.7% in 2016.
It can be seen that, in monetary terms, 28.5% of the total volume of electronic commerce requires physical shipping (7,209.2 million euros) compared to 68.8% of the total volume that does not require it (17,383.6 million euros ).
In the development of the buyer and non-buyer profile, in addition to including a detail by sociodemographic variables in the Study, for the first time a specific analysis Brother Cell Phone List  by personality variables is included .

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