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Email Marketing or Social Networks What is better for our strategy?

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Email Marketing or Social Networks What is better for our strategy?

When we are designing our Digital Marketing Strategy, in addition to many other tools, two basic options usually appear: Email Marketing and Social Networks.
Living in the “social age”, many clients may think that investing all the effort in Guatemala Mobile Database Social Networks is the best option, assuming that Email Marketing is an old and outdated medium that does not work.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
The results show that Email Marketing is more alive than ever. It still has the highest ROI of all and, if done right, it works very well.

So we opted for Email Marketing and put aside Social Networks?
all social networks
Nor can we do that, since having a presence on the networks is almost mandatory for almost all companies. In addition, a good strategy can give us very good results because they are complementary tools.
The key lies in using Email Marketing and Social Networks together, creating a strategy that encompasses these two tools (in addition to the rest of the media and supports that we have contemplated to meet our objectives).
It is true that social media and emailing are two very different media, with different functions, but if we get them to work together the results will be really good.Guatemala Mobile Database
We can use Social Networks to grow our database or learn from users, for example to:

Promote our Newsletter
All those who follow us on Social Networks, do you know that we have a newsletter? Normally the answer is negative, so we can use our social profiles to promote it and thus get more contacts to send our email campaigns to.

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Create polls to ask for opinions
Most of the Social Networks allow you to create surveys. We can use Brother Cell Phone List this tool to find out what our followers think about an issue and then use this data in our Email Marketing campaigns, creating much more personalized and interesting content.
But we can also use Email Marketing to make Social Networks grow, for example:

Including social buttons in our communications
We can put a “Follow us on the networks” with the links to our different profiles in the Newsletter that we send.

Creating Email Marketing campaigns to promote Social Networks
We can create specific campaigns highlighting some benefit for following us on a social network.

Follow our contacts on Social Networks
If those to whom we send emailing campaigns are present on Social Networks, being in contact with them also by this means will make us feel closer. We will also be able to get to know them better and thus be able to customize our next shipments to the maximum.

Encourage sharing a #Hashtag
We can use our Email Marketing campaigns to promote a specific hashtag created by us on Social Networks.
In the market we have many tools that will allow us to reach our contacts in an increasingly personalized way. We have already written on other occasions in this blog about different tools , which help us create our messages with templates, which allow us to segment and which use artificial intelligence to learn from experience.
Today I leave you my latest discovery: Romymail, a 100% Spanish tool that as a differential advantage presents a customer service department in Spanish, agile and in real time through a chat and also offers us not only personalized attention, but also individualized through support, something that is very to be thankful when you start using a new platform.

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They have a team of specialists who evaluate our campaigns, our contact lists and statistics, in order to offer us suggestions for improvements and also to resolve our doubts.
This tool allows us to import all our contacts from an Excel, create groups and segments and they themselves take care of automatically eliminating unsubscribe requests.
Export our contact lists in XLS format.
Know through geolocation from which country in the world our message has been opened.
Schedule shipments.
Know the best day and time to send our campaigns.
Discover which users have marked us as SPAM.
Include forms on our website or blog to create a contact list directly in the tool.
It has templates where we can customize the headers, backgrounds, upload logos and images, write and paste texts and also customize the buttons.
It also has an online editor to create our campaign from scratch.
We can automatically forward our campaigns to those who have not opened them.
Send tests for free with Test A / B, which allows us to determine the most appropriate parameters for our campaigns.
It provides us with statistics of who, when and how many times our receivers have clicked, but also gives us results of the average of the users of the tool so that we can compare
And they automatically send reports of our campaigns via email to us and the people we indicate to them.
Spanish Email Marketing Tool
As you can see, in Digital Marketing you do not have to choose one or another tool, we can create a very effective strategy if we take advantage of the best of each of them, as well as the rest of the supports that we have planned for each action.
It is s

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