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Statistics for Facebook Groups

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Statistics for Facebook Groups

Until recently, if we wanted to obtain statistics on our Facebook Groups , we had to use tools external to Facebook, which provided us with interesting data on more successful posts, its growth …
But the problem has been solved, since Facebook now integrates “Statistics Groups ”. The access link for the Statistics of our Groups can be found in the left column, under events, videos, photos and files. We can also access through Facebook Insights of our pages.
Facebook group analysis tools

Once we enter the statistics, we can see the data collected in the last 28 days, although Ghana Mobile Database we can select the period that interests us the most, within the last four months.
Main metrics that we are going to find:

Percentage of new members
Posts, comments and reactions
New member requests
Approved, rejected and blocked members
Awaiting requests
Facebook group analysis tool
By clicking on each of the global statistics, it will show us the graphs of the metrics:Ghana Mobile Database

Facebook groups tool

Comments and reactions
facebook groups tool

And a very interesting fact: the number of active members . This data confirms what we always comment on, the important thing is quality and not quantity.
When we have a page or a group and we see that the number of users grows and grows, the first impression is very positive because we have increasingly important figures, but with these statistics we discover that in many cases, active members are reduced to half membership.
Statistics facebook groups

They also indicate the best days and hours of publication
best days facebook groups publication

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Finally, it shows us the outstanding publications and main collaborators
Statistics facebook groups

You can see that Facebook wants to promote groups, now it also encourages us to welcome new members Brother Cell Phone List  by writing a message on the wall linked to their profiles.
Good news that will help us improve the management of our groups.

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